The Quest for Glory...The Quest for the Tyng

Tyng Cup Point System


The Tyng Cup, a gift from George Addee, Sheldon Rose and Malcolm Aldrich is annually awarded for overall excellence to the college accumulating the greatest number of points.  Presented in 1933 and awarded first to the Wright Group, it continues to spawn competitive rivalries among the colleges and encourage participation.  It is the most coveted of all intramural awards.


The point system reflects the overall winning performance in Tyng Cup events.  Tyng Cup events are established sport activities and usually do not include special events.  Points are awarded for wins and ties in regular season contests, interdivisional playoffs and selected special events.  No points are awarded for interdivisional playoff qualifying contests nor for full league tie-breaking championship contests.  The allocation of points is based on a) the number of total player positions available; b) the number of regular season contests scheduled; and, c) the number of interdivisional playoff contests required to determine a champion.  NOTE: In dual college team sports each college must provide at least the minimum number of players required by the Davie point system in order to receive the full complement of Tyng points. If a college fails to provide the minimum number then that college will receive only a portion of Tyng points based on the percentage of participants under the minimum required number. Points are awarded for each sport and records of running totals are maintained.  At the conclusion of each season a Final Standings detailing win-loss records and point allocations is published.  Upon receipt of the Final Standings the Athletic Secretaries are required to verify the results for accuracy.  Inquiries must be submitted in writing prior to the conclusion of the next meeting of the Athletic Secretaries Council, otherwise, all results are considered official and unchangeable. The basic formula for determining maximum potential Tyng Cup point allocations is:  

    (Playing positions) x (Regular Season Contests + Required Playoff Rounds) = Total Points 


Sport Positions Games Playoffs Pts/Win
Badminton 8 Double Elimination Tournament Double Elimination Tournament 8
Basketball - M (A,B,C), W 5 11   5

Bowling - C

4 11   4
Cross Country Tournament - M, W 4 2 - as many wins as colleges you beat (prelimary heats and finals) 2 - as many wins as colleges you beat (preliminary heats and finals) 4
Dodgeball 8 Double Elimination Tournament Double Elimination Tournament 8
Football: Flag - C 6 6 4 6

Golf: Tournament - C

4 1 - as many wins as colleges you beat   4
Pickleball - C 6 6 3 6
Soccer - C 11 6 4 11
Soccer (Indoors) - C 5 6 4 5
Swimming Meet- C 6 2 - as many wins as colleges you beat (prelimary heats and finals) 2 - as many wins as colleges you beat (prelimary heats and finals) 6
Table Tennis - C 10 6 4 10
Ultimate - C 7 4 3 7
Volleyball - C 6 Double Elimination Tournament Double Elimination Tournament 6
Waterpolo - C 6 6 3 6

If on-campus school is suspended at a time that coincides with the end of an IM season, the winner of the Tyng Cup will be decided by the college in first place in the overall points standings. If an IM season has not ended and the gap beteeen the first two colleges is fewer than 15 points, co-champions will be declared.