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The team consists of five players per college per game. No substitutions will be allowed once the game begins, however, an additional five players will be allowed to play in the second matchup, and so on (the same five players do not need to play in every game). For each round, a college cannot have a lineup consisting only of players of the same gender, i.e., a full team could be 1 woman and 4 men.


The game will be played on one side of a basketball court, with both teams of five lining up at the three point line. Once the initial shot is taken from that point, anywhere from half court inwards is in play (free-throw line, three point line, inside the paint).


A match consists of the best of five games. The two colleges will name their five players to the referee before each game. These players will then line up behind the three point line, alternating colleges. A simple, one round game of rock-paper-scissors will decide which college shoots first. The first shooter will take a shot from the starting point. Once their shot either goes in immediately or hits backboard/rim, the second shooter will be allowed to shoot. In order to “survive” the round, a shooter must make their basket before the player behind them can. If the player behind them makes a shot before the first shooter, that first player is out for the game. Once a player makes their basket and successfully “survives” they will return to the back of the line and the process starts over again. The last player standing wins the game.


Player A (from one college) and Player B (from the opposing college) both lineup with basketballs. Player A starts the game and shoots. If Player A makes their shot, they pass the ball to the next player in line and return themselves to the back of the line. As soon as the shot makes it in, Player B can begin their turn. If Player A shoots and misses, Player B can begin their turn. If Player B makes their shot before Player A can, then A is “knocked out” from the game, and Player B returns to the back of the line, with both basketballs being passed on to the third and fourth players.


·      No stalling, once a player either makes a shot, or is eliminated, they must gently pass the ball to the next player in line so that the game may continue. If a player stalls, they will be given a single verbal warning from the referee. If the same players stalls a second time, they will be disqualified from the game

·      No interference. If a player is chasing their rebound, and the other player’s ball goes near them, they may not touch the ball, knock it away, or interfere with it in any way. Do not purposefully bump another player’s ball across the court or away from them. If a player interferes with another, they will be given a single verbal warning from the referee. If the same player repeats, they will be disqualified from the game

·      If a ball goes past the half court line, the game will briefly pause. The other player must wait until it is recovered to begin again.

·      Players are expected to play their turn out, if their initial shot rebounds and rolls across the court, they must chase after it and continue to play. If the player decides not to and gives up, they will receive the same penalty as would someone who stalls (warning, followed by disqualification).


Teams are expected to be on time and ready to play with at least five players at the designated start time. If a team only has four players, and is awaiting a fifth, a ten minute grace period will be given. If a team still cannot field a fifth player after the grace period, they will forfeit the first matchup. If by twenty minutes past the designated start time, a team still does not have a fifth player, they will forfeit the second matchup. This process will continue every ten minutes. If thirty minutes past the starting time comes around, and a team cannot field a full team, their forfeit the entire match (three individual games forfeited tallies as best three-out-of-five).


All undergraduate students and persons officially associated with the residential college who meet general eligibility requirements except current varsity basketball players and all graduate students are eligible to participate. Current players are those who practiced, played or are on the active rosters after September 25. Any instance involving special exceptions requires a review by the Intramural Director or the Athletic Secretaries Ad Hoc Eligibility Committee.