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KanJam Rules


KanJam is a partner game, with teammates standing opposite each other at separate cans. One teammate throws the Frisbee/disc towards their partner, with the goal being to either make it in the open top, or for their teammate to bat the Frisbee down into the can. Points are awarded for various scenarios of hitting the side/making it into the can. The game goes to 21 points.


The match will follow a best-of-3 games format. Any player may play in a maximum of 2 of the 3 games. One of the games played must be mixed-gender. If a college cannot field a mixed gender team, the team will start the match up/down 1 game; meaning, they must win both remaining games to win the match. Two teams of 2 players will square off against each other in a match-up of KanJam. One teammate stands behind one can, and the other, opposite them behind the other can, about 50 feet away.


Before the match, confirm the location with the opposing college. Teams are expected to be at the fields and ready to begin play at the time designated on the schedule. If at the starting time a team has the minimum number of players, then the game must begin as soon as possible. If a team has fewer than the minimum at the designated starting time, then the start of the game will be delayed, and the late arriving team will be penalized as follows.

Fifteen minutes after the original starting time, the present team will be awarded 5 points; after 25 minutes of the original starting time, the “no-show” team is forced to forfeit the game. The present team will be awarded the win. If both teams are late in arriving, only then will the allotted time be used to complete the best-of-3 games. If 3 games cannot be completed within the allotted time, then the team with the most amount of points/games earned is the winner. 


All undergraduate students and persons associated with a residential college who meet general eligibility requirements, except graduate students, are eligible to participate.


●      One point is awarded when the thrower’s teammate bats the disc down and it deflects off the can

●      Two points are awarded when the thrower banks the disc off the can unassisted by their teammate

●      Three points are awarded if the thrower’s teammate bats the disc out of the air and into the top of the can

●      INSTANT WIN occurs if the thrower successfully, and without any assistance, makes the disc into the open top of the can OR into the small slot on the front end of the can (NOTE: If the disc makes it into the slot, but the disc becomes lodged and doesn’t go all the way into the can, this does NOT count).

●      The game is played to 21 points. Teams must land directly on 21. If a team goes over 21 points, the amount of points over is deducted from their score. For example, if a team has 20 points, but gets a 3-point shot, their score is then reduced to 17.


●      No trash talking or taunting is allowed

●      Keep throws under control

●      If a player purposefully throws a disc at a player, they will be ejected and the game results in a forfeited loss

●      The player behind the can who is fielding the throw can only use ONE hand to try to bat it down

●      The idle players cannot interfere with the throwing team

●      In the event of a tie game at 21, overtime commences. The team that originally threw first will throw first in OT. If the throwing team scores points, it is then the task of the second team to either outscore them on their turn or match the amount of points earned. If the second team to throw scores fewer points than the first, it loses. The game will continue until one team successfully outscores the other in OT.