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CupCheck Rules


●      The winner of rock-paper-scissors gets to pick whether their team will attack or defend first

●      The attacking team, or throwing team, proceeds to take its turn, both players throwing, one after the other

●      After the turn is up, both members of the defending team then get their turn to throw

●      Teams alternate throwing until a score of 21 is achieved. First team to do so is the winner


The match will follow a best-of-3 games format. Any player may play in a maximum of 2 of the 3 games. One of the games played must be mixed-gender. If a college cannot field a mixed gender team, the team will start the match-up down 1 game; meaning, they must win both remaining games to win the match. For each game, two teams of two players will square off against each other. Once one team completes its turn throwing, the defending team will then have the chance to throw. Teams alternate until one wins.


         Before the match, confirm the location with the opposing college. Teams are expected to be at the fields and ready to begin play at the time designated on the schedule. If at the starting time a team has the minimum number of players present, the game must begin as soon as possible. If a team has fewer than the minimum at the designated starting time, then the start of the game will be delayed, and the late arriving team will be penalized as follows:

Fifteen minutes after the original starting time, the present team will be awarded 5 points; after 25 minutes of the original starting time, the “no-show” team is forced to forfeit the game. The present team will be awarded the win. If both teams are late in arriving, then only the allotted time will be used to complete the best-of-3 games. If 3 games cannot be completed within the allotted time, then the team with the greatest amount of points/games earned will be deemed the winner. 


         All undergraduate students and persons associated with a residential college who meet general eligibility requirements, except graduate students, are eligible to participate.


Points are earned on offense by:

-       Knocking both cups to the ground (4 points)

-       Splitting the poles WITHOUT knocking the cups off (3 points)

-       Striking the pole and knocking a cup to the ground (2 points, 4 if BOTH cups go down)

And on defense if:

-       The offense strikes a cup, but a defender catches it ONE-HANDED before it hits the ground (1 point to defense)

         The game CANNOT be won on defense. For example, if the score is tied 20-20, and Team A is up to throw, and strikes a cup, but Team B catches said cup, they are awarded 1 point, the score becoming 21-20. If Team B then throws, hits a cup, but that cup is also caught, Team A is awarded 1 point, making the score tied again at 21 apiece. The only way to break the tie is to score either 2, 3, or 4 points offensively.


●      No “fastballs” of any kind. The disc must be thrown in a controlled manner. If the disc is thrown too aggressively as deemed by the referee, the offensive team will be given one “do-over” throw

●      Defenders can only catch cups one-handed. If they use both hands, the offense will be awarded the full 2 points

●      Defenders can “trap” a falling cup with their wrist, or forearm if they do not use both hands

●      To score a full 3 points (disc travels through poles without striking a cup off), the disc must pass completely through the poles. It cannot land on the ground in front of/between the poles

●      If the disc is thrown and misses the target/hits the ground, the thrower is NOT given another throw, their turn is used

●      If the defense accidentally knocks a cup to the ground while making a play, the offensive team is indeed awarded the points

●      Games are played to 21 points, with a win-by-2 rule