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College Team Registration


Every college will need to register a team and have a designated captain.

Please submit registration by the deadline. 

Registration Procedure: 

  1. Each college team will be organized by a captain. The captain can be any interested student within the college. 
  2. Captains need to submit registration and roster for their college’s team before the entry deadline.
  3. Captains will be notified when schedules have been posted.
  4. If a college does not register a team by the deadline an IM secretary from that college will be assigned as captain of the team. 

For special events or flash tournaments, colleges do not need to register a team. All colleges are scheduled for these events.

For full list of captain’s responsibilities click HERE

How to register: 

  1. Click on the desired sport listed below to access the registration form.  
  2. Complete and submit registration form by the deadline.
  3. Include a roster with players who meet the eligibility criteria. 

Additional players may be added to the roster later in the season, only if they are submitted prior to the last regularly scheduled game and meet the eligibility standards.

Winter 2017-2018 Season 


Entry deadline 

Season start date


Winter Part I 


A Hoops

Wednesday, November 22 Tuesday, November 28 Schedule posted

B Hoops

Wednesday, November 22 Monday, November 27 Schedule posted
C Hoops Wednesday, November 22

Wednesday, November 29

Schedule posted

W Hoops Wednesday, November 22

Wednesday, December 6

Schedule posted

Winter Part II


Co-Ed Innertube Water Polo

Tuesday, January 09 Tuesday, January 16 Schedule posted
Co-Ed Broomball Tuesday, January 09 Tuesday, January 16 Schedule posted

Co-Ed Volleyball

Tuesday, January 23 Tuesday, January 16 Schedule posted
Squash  Wednesday, January 29 Thursday, February 1 Schedule posted
Co-Ed Indoor Soccer Wednesday, January 29 Tuesday, February 6 Schedule posted

Winter 2018 Special Events & Flash Tournaments 

No registration necessary - all colleges are scheduled for these events.


Event start date

Event Schedules/ Information



Swim Meet

Prelims - 1/22

Finals - 1/29