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Bowling Rules- Applicable for Coed Bowling


The Council of Heads of College has agreed that each Head of College’s office will sponsor the minimum of FOUR bowlers per team. Arrangements for advances or reimbursements for bowlers must be made with the individual colleges. A team cannot be all of one gender (ex. all four scoring bowlers cannot be men).  Absolutely no alcohol consumption or illicit drug use will be tolerated before or during any Intramural event.


1. There shall be four scoring members per team per game. A team designates its four scoring bowlers at the start of each game and may use different scoring bowlers for different games, so long as each bowler is from the college they are representing. A blind score is awarded to a team that starts the game with three bowlers. However, if team members arrive late, they can enter the contest at the beginning of the next full game.

2. Each team bowls three games per week, each game being scored individually against all scheduled opponents.

3. Four Tyng Cup points are allotted for each winning match. In the event of a tie, the points are split.

4. If a team can only field three bowlers, it is assigned a blind score of 50 points per game for the fourth bowler. A late bowler cannot substitute for a blind score once the first frame has concluded.

5. If a team cannot field at least two bowlers for a game, it must forfeit that game. A forfeited game will be entered in the standings as a 0 for pin fall.


1. Each bowler must alternate lanes while bowling a game.

2. If a bowler bowls on the wrong lane, the captains of the opposing teams have the option to discount that frame (or ball) and make the bowler rebowl on the correct lane.

3. Part of bowling involves lane courtesy. Please do not try to distract bowlers while they are bowling, and please do not bowl while someone next to you is bowling.


1. If a bowler fouls, the result of their shot is entered as a zero. If a bowler fouls on their first shot, any pins that are knocked down should be reset for the bowler’s second shot of the frame.

2. If the automatic pin setter knocks down a pin, it should be reset by the alley.

3. If the pin setter does not clear all fallen pins after a bowler’s first shot, the alley should clear them before their second shot.

4. If a thrown ball jumps out of the gutter and knocks down a pin, the score of that shot is still zero.


1. Buses to and from the gym are provided for matches. Check the official schedule to get correct departure times.

2. If one plans to get to the alley by oneself, they should know that games start on Fridays at 3:30 PM, though they may start a bit later if the bus is late.

3. A bowler is considered late for a game if they have not shown up by the conclusion of the first frame and may not bowl in that game. Substitutions may not be made except for injury once a scoring player has completed either shot of the first frame.

4. If two teams are tied for first place at the conclusion of the season, then, unless the teams can get to the lanes for a playoff, then the team that won the head to head match is declared the league champion and if the teams tied during the regular season co-champions are named.

5. Further decisions on late policy, as well as other policies not considered here, are the responsibility of the Bowling Supervisor in conjunction with the Intramural Director.


All undergraduate students and persons associated with a residential college who meet general eligibility requirements except former varsity or professional bowlers and graduate students are eligible to participate. Any instances involving special circumstances require a review by the Athletic Secretaries Council.


Protests involving eligibility may be made by any captain or Athletic Secretary against any team and must be made during or immediately following a contest. Once notified the team captain is required to present that player’s valid photo ID for verification. If no ID is available then the captain must submit a brief statement that includes the name of the person in question and the circumstances of eligibility. If a person is found to be ineligible, all games in which they participated or were suspected of having participated are recorded as losses and any awarded Tyng Cup points are withdrawn.

All other protests involving misinterpretation of the rules must be made at the time of the incident. Play must be stopped and may not continue until the protest is resolved on the spot by the game officials with the aid of the governing rules of the game, or if necessary by final decision of the Intramural Supervisor. Any team that disputes the result and refuses to continue play will default the contests.