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Borsodi Invitational (Golf)

Fall Golf Rules- Applicable for the Borsodi Invitational


Scramble rules govern play - all players shoot tee shots and the team selects the best drive, then all teammates pick up their shots and take a second shot from the best drive spot and so on until the completion of the hole. However, the team must use a minimum of two tee shots from each player. Golfers must observe etiquette: for instance, smooth footprints in traps; replace all divots; avoid long delays; no littering; etc. No golf carts allowed. In the event of inclement weather or darkness golfing may be postponed or canceled. If a golfer is on the course when the postponement occurs only incomplete or unplayed holes may be replayed. Players must clearly write their name, gender and college on the score card. The score cards are official when all players sign the card at the conclusion of play and return it to the official. The championship is a scramble format.


Each team consists of four players from the college including at least one woman and players must play all nine holes. The college may register no more than two teams. All teams must register in advance of the championship at the Intramural Office and on the day of the championship all players must register at the Golf Pro Shop and with the starter to confirm starting tee time assignments. Team members may share clubs from a single bag.


1. The lowest scoring team for each college qualifies for the final ranking.

2. Each college’s best team score will be compared against each qualifying rival and a win-loss record will be determined. The college with the best win-loss record is declared the champion.

3. Each win is equal to four Tyng Cup points. Each participant is awarded one Davie Cup point.

4. Only ties for first place are broken. The method used is comparing the scores of each team against the ranking of the holes - most difficult to easiest - until a winner is determined. If the tie can not be broken then co-champions are declared. T-shirt awards are given to all participants from the championship college.


All undergraduate and persons officially associated with a residential college except former varsity golf award winners and current intercollegiate team players are eligible to participate. Current team players are those individuals who are practicing with the intercollegiate team on or after September 4. Any instances involving special circumstances require a review by the Athletic Secretaries Council.