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Bocce Rules


Bocce is a lawn game consisting of 2 teams of 2 to 4 players. To start, 1 person throws the “pallina” (a small white ball used as a goal marker). Once the pallina hits the ground, the scoring zone is anything within a 1-foot radius around the pallina. Teams then alternate throwing their balls with the goal of being the closest to the pallina. Teams are awarded points for having their ball the closest to the marker. You earn 1 point per closest shot, with 11 being the amount of points to win.


The match follows a best-of-3 games format. Any player may play in a maximum of 2 of the 3 games. One of the 3 games must be mixed-gender. If a college cannot field a mixed gender team, the team will start the match down 1 game; meaning, they must win both remaining games to win the match. For each game, 2 teams of 2 players will face off against each other.


Before the match, confirm the location with the opposing college. Teams are expected to be at the fields and ready to begin play at the time designated on the schedule. If at the starting time a team has the minimum number of players, then the game must begin as soon as possible. If a team has fewer than the minimum at the designated starting time, then the start of the game will be delayed, and the late arriving team will be penalized as follows:

Fifteen minutes after the original starting time, the present team will be awarded 5 points; after 25 minutes of the original starting time, the “no-show” team is forced to forfeit the game. The present team will be awarded the win. If both teams are late in arriving, only then will the allotted time be used to complete the best out-of-3 games. If 3 games cannot be completed within the allotted time, then the team with the most amount of points/ games earned will be deemed the winner.


All undergraduate students and persons associated with a residential college who meet general eligibility requirements, except graduate students, are eligible to participate.


●      Only 1 team is awarded points per round of Bocce

●      One point is awarded for each ball that is closest to the pallina (within the 1-foot radius)

●      If a team has 2 balls inside the radius, it is awarded 2 points

●      If, say, Team A has one ball in the radius, but Team B throws and lands a ball inside the radius as well, the points will only be awarded to whichever team has the closest ball. The referee will determine this

●      The game is played to 11 points


●      All throws are to be completed underhand, no throwing balls overhand. If a ball is thrown overhand the player will get one retry

●      No aggressive throws. If a player aggressively throws a ball and is deemed as an inappropriate throw by the referee, the player will lose a turn that round

●      Players can knock other the team’s balls out of the radius to prevent the other team from scoring, but the throw must be completed safely