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Assumption of Risk

  Yale Intramurals Assumption of Risk   

  1. Program Risks. You voluntarily and freely elect to participate in Yale Intramurals (“Program”), and you are not required by Yale to do so.  You understand that participation in the Program involves risks that Yale cannot eliminate, including, among others, risk of property damage, illness, stings, bodily injury, permanent disability, and death.
  2. Assumption of Risk. You voluntarily take responsibility for all risks of participating in the Program.
  3. Assumption of Medical Obligations: You should consult with a medical doctor regarding your medical needs and acknowledge there are no health-related reasons or problems that preclude or restrict you from participating in the activities of the Program. You should arrange, through insurance or otherwise, for payment of medical care, if necessary, while participating in the Program. You recognize that Yale is not obligated to attend to any of your medical needs, and you assume all risk and responsibility therefore. If you require medical care during your participation in the Program, Yale is not responsible for the cost or quality of such care.
  4. Release. In exchange for Yale allowing you to participate in the Program, you release Yale from all legal and financial responsibility for any harm that you or your property might suffer as a result of your participation, even if the harm is caused by Yale’s negligence.
  5. Indemnification. By participating in the Program, you agree to indemnify and hold Yale harmless from (that is to say, you agree to pay or reimburse Yale for) any costs, penalties, legal fees, or judgments (“Costs”) that Yale has to pay related to your participation in the Program, even if the Costs resulted from Yale’s negligence.