The Quest for Glory...The Quest for the Tyng

Yale Intramurals

Men’s/Women’s Squash



A men’s team consists of five players and a women’s team consists of three players. Players must compete in matches that represent descending skill levels with the best player assigned to the first match and so on down to complete the roster. If a team arrives shorthanded all matches must begin within ten minutes of the scheduled start time. The available players must bump-up to the higher skill level positions and leave the lower skill levels forfeited. The team winning the majority of the matches is declared the winner.


All undergraduate students and persons officially associated with a residential college who meet general eligibility requirements except former varsity squash award winners, current varsity, junior varsity or freshmen squash team players and graduate students are eligible to participate. (Undergraduates who recieved varsity letters may play in that intramural sport only after being off the varsity team roster for 12 months). Current players are those players who practiced, played or are on the active team rosters after November 30. Any instances involving special exceptions requires a review by the Athletic Secretaries Ad Hoc Eligibility Committee.


Protests involving eligibility may be made by any captain or Athletic Secretary against any team and must be submitted prior to conclusion of the regular season. The written protest must include the name of the person in question, the circumstances of ineligibility, and the name and telephone number of a verification source. When a person is found to be ineligible, all games in which he/she participated or were suspected of having participated are recorded as losses and any awarded Tyng Cup points are deducted. All other protests involving misinterpretation of the rules must be made at the time of the incident. Play must be stopped and may not be continued until the protest is resolved on the spot by the game officials with the aid of the governing rules of the game, and if necessary by final decision of the Intramural Supervisor. Any team that refuses to continue play will default the contest. Protests regarding the judgement of the referees will not be accepted.


Teams are expected to be at the courts and ready to begin play at the time designated on the schedule. If at ten minutes past the scheduled starting time a team is short players then the matches must begin with available players filling the top positions on the skill ladder. Once the matches are started no substitutions or changes may be made.


Protective Eyewear: All players are responsible to provide and to wear protective eyewear.

The Game and Match: The object of the game is to win best of 5 games with 11 point scoring per game with points scored using rally scoring.

The Ball: The Dunlop XX, Yellow Dot ball is the official intramural ball.

Service: At the start of the match the choice to serve or receive is decided by the spin of the racquet. The server must stand with at least one foot touching the floor in the service box during the motion of the serve. The ball must be served onto the front wall above the service line and below the 16’ line before it touches any other part of the court, then it must strike the floor within the line marking of the opposite service line either before or after touching any wall or walls. If the first serve is a fault, the server can serve again from the same side. Two consecutive faults loses a point. Once a server selects a service box, he/she must alternate service boxes until the service is lost or the game is won. If the server serves from the wrong box, there is no penalty. However, if the receiver does not attempt to return the service he/she may request a serve from the correct box.

Return: To make a good return of service or of a subsequent return the ball must be struck on the volley before it has touched the floor twice, and reach the front wall on the fly above the tell-tale and below the 16’ line.

Right to Play the Ball: Immediately after striking the ball a player must get out of an opponent’s way and must: allow a fair view of the ball; allow a fair opportunity to get to the ball: and, refrain from creating a visual or audible distraction. Let A let mandates the playing over of a point. On the replay the server is entitled to two serves and must serve from the correct box. A let is awarded when: a player does not allow his/her opponent the right to play the ball; an opponent is unable to avoid being touched by the ball; a player is touched by an opponent while striking the ball; and, a player refrains from striking the ball because of a reasonable fear of injuring his/her opponent.