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Yale Intramurals

Coed Tennis

Tennis Rules- Applicable for Coed Tennis


The team consists of three men’s and women’s singles and three mixed doubles and three substitutes. The women’s singles, men’s singles, and mixed doubles matches will all be played separately, according to the schedule. The minimum number of players required is enough to field two matches - two men/women for men’s/women’s singles and two pairs for mixed doubles. There are no substitutions in singles play, however, one and only one substitution may occur in each doubles match. The substituting player may enter only at the beginning of a game or after an injury. A substituted player may not reenter the match. If a substitute enters the game and he/she or his/her partner is injured the match is defaulted. Any player may participate in only one singles or one doubles match per day. Players and doubles teams should play in positions respective of their skill level and captains must make all attempts to avoid ‘stacking’. At every match each team must fill the game roster from the first skill position downward and vacancies from the last skill position upward. Men or women may not substitute for each other in order to complete a team roster. Teams qualifying for the playoffs must present to the Intramural Director prior to the first match a college ladder of both singles and doubles players. Captains are expected to assemble the playoff ladder using regular season games as a guide. For example, singles and doubles players should be ranked separately in order of skill and games played. No singles players should be placed in the doubles ranking and vice versa. Only players who played at least once during the regular season may participate in the playoffs (appeals/exceptions must be directed to the Director 24 hours prior to the match). Playoff matchups will be determined separately for women’s singles, men’s singles, and mixed doubles play.

THE MATCH **USTA rules apply, with the following exceptions:

The Match: In both singles and doubles the match consists of a ten game pro set with no add scoring. At 9-9 a 12 point tie breaker is played.

Tie-Breaker: The first player(s) to win seven points by a margin of two win(s) the tie-breaker and the match 10-9. To begin the tie-breaker service stays in sequence, with the first server serving one point from the ‘deuce side’, thereafter, each server takes two serves beginning from the ‘add side’.

Home Team: The home team is the team on the right side of the ‘v’ in the schedule. This team is responsible for bringing balls to the match.

Team Registration: The captain must register his/her team members with the Intramural Attendant five minutes prior to the scheduled starting time. The attendant will assign courts based on availability.

Warm-Up: Team members must warm-up with each other then after rosters are registered with the Intramural Attendant proceed to their assigned court and immediately begin play against their opponent. Any player realignment after this point except substitution results in default of the match.

Service: At 3-3 in any game the receiver(s) have the option to receive the serve on the side of their choice, however, in doubles the receiving players must remain in their same receiving courts. In mixed doubles, at 3-3 in any game a male must serve to a male or a female must serve to a female.

Changing Ends: Player(s) change ends at odd numbered games. In a tie-breaker players change ends after every six points played.


Teams are expected to be at the courts and ready to begin play at the time designated on the schedule. To start the match each team must have enough players to fill the positions for three matches. If a team is waiting: at the designated starting time for higher ranked players to arrive then no match in that category may begin, but, other matches may start; 15 to 29 minutes after the designated starting time for higher ranked players then the available players must move to fill the roster from the #1 rank downward, forfeit the lower ranked matches and begin play in the other matches immediately; at 30 minutes after the designated starting time, then play must begin using those players in the highest ranking matches and all others must be forfeited unless the late arriving players meet. If a team has fewer players, then the start of the game will be delayed until enough players to meet the minimum arrive. However, if the late team does not have enough players for three matches up to 15 minutes after the original starting time, then in each unstarted match the late teams lose the first two games and service goes to their opponent. Also, there will be no time provided for warm-up for late arriving players. After 30 minutes past the scheduled starting time if the team does not have players for the other matches they are defaulted.


 All undergraduate students and persons officially associated with the residential college who meet general eligibility requirements except varsity tennis award winners and current varsity, junior varsity and freshmen team players and all graduate students are eligible to participate. Current players are those who practiced, played or are on the active rosters after September 25. Any instance involving special exceptions requires a review by the Intramural Director or the Athletic Secretaries Ad Hoc Eligibility Committee.